Lazio is a region in central Italy, and home to the ancient capital city of Rome. Like many Italian wine regions, Lazio’s vine heritage is ancient, and is based upon a mild climate, volcanic soils and marine breezes. The region’s reputation is mainly based on its white wines, the mainstays being Trebbiano and Malvasia di Candia. Lazio is home to roughly 30 DOC titles, representing a fine collection of wines in which three white DOCs stand out: Castelli Romani (the most important), Frascati, the more renowned and traditional and Est! Est!! Est!!! di Monteflascone.

This wine is typically paired with the fritto misto, deep-fried artichokes or most vegetable dishes.

The reputation of Frascati has improved in recent years with the use of modern wine-making techniques. Frascati is well matched with classic pasta dishes, for example Bucatini all’Amatriciana, or Saltimbocca alla Romana as well as salads and lighter meats.